GTScript is a unified, full-stack programming language that compiles into all the binaries and languages needed.

Why program in GTScript?

  • One language that compiles into all HTML5, vDOM, Web Server, Database. Code once and keep all objects in sync.
  • A compiler that works across software layers offering all-around autocomplete suggestions and detecting cross-layer discrepancies.
  • Graphical editors tailored for usability for database design, form design, and styling.
  • Automatic database creation with an engine that compares environments and creates the scripts to update databases on the fly.
  • A seamless virtual document engine that executes code on both the server and client.
  • Database portability to let you choose between supported database server vendors while keeping your source code unmodified.
  • Interoperability to include external .NET and JavaScript libraries and existing third-party components.
  • An extremely easy to use Web Server that connects everything for you.
  • An integrated, design-centered approach to development that allows you to focus on addressing user needs.
  • Incredibly fast development cycles to deliver projects sooner and at higher quality.
  • Community Edition available for individuals, students, small companies, and open source projects.